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Over the last 12 years, Todd Sones has worked with many tour players.  The experience of working with and watching many members of all the various tours has taught Todd that the best players have equipment that fits them.  As it relates to the score, the putter is the most valuable club in the bag.  Many golfers have heavily invested themselves with the time and the finances to get to the green, but sell themselves short once on the green.  For time and money spent, there is no greater value than having a putter that fits and allows the player to develop fundamentals that will enable them to putt their best.

About Todd Sones

In 1981 Todd Sones began his career as a PGA professional in Rochester, New York.  After serving his PGA apprenticeship in Houston, he moved to Lake Forest, Illinois , a northern suburb of Chicago, to work for Hubby Habjan (1965 National Golf Professional of the Year) at the Owentsia Club.  It was at the Owentsia Club where Todd started to develop his teaching skills and learned the value of making sure that students were fitted to equipment properly to be able to play their best.

Career Highlights

  • Class A PGA member since 1983
  • Founded Todd Sones Impact Golf Center in 1997
  • Consultant for Research/Development and Spokesperson for Tommy Armour Golf Co. (1998-2004)
  • Patented Tri-Fit method of fitting putters in 2003
  • Instructed PGA Tour players such as Doug Barron, Chip Beck, Robert Gamez, Paul Goydos, Steve Jones Scott McCarron, Shawn Micheel, Jerry Smith, Jay Williamson and Tommy Tolles.
  • Instructed LPGA members Tina Fisher, Stephanie Louden and Hillary Lunke (2003 U.S. Open Champion)
  • Currently writing instructional articles for Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Golf Tips and various Chicagoland publications.
  • Appeared on the Golf Channel's Golf Academy Live multiple times in 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003
  • Wrote instructional books, "Lights Out Putting" released Spring 2000 and "Saving Par: How to Play the 40 Toughest Shots in Golf" released in Spring 2005.

Professional Awards

  • Top 100 Golf Instructors in America by Golf Magazine (1995-Present)
  • Illinois PGA Horton Smith Award (2003)
  • Illinois PGA Teaching Professional of the Year (1994 and 1996)
  • Top 25 Golf Schools in America (2003-Present)
  • Ranked 4th Best Golf School in America by Golf Magazine (2005)
  • Top 100 Golf Shop in America-Private (Conway Farms G.C., 1996)

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